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2 years ago

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We had a few days to rest and decided to go south, where holiday travel as a child, a pebble beach about 1. 5 miles long with some private coves along its length. He was also well supported by naturists, so it was no problem removing. We made our way along, breaking beyond bustnow the normal wind and ice huts on the site was of naked bodies are the norm. I had bustnow only my shorts and sneakers, for now, and Julie the same, the top was a long time, so the sun was burning in the breasts. went for 5 minutes or so long, until we have a space of bustnow pairs, where both bar stripped of our coaches, walk bustnow on the beach was pretty hard on shoes! Was used. There were two groups, one lying enjoy the warmth of the sun, another couple 50yards to the beach and ran to the top of the slope, away from water to the cliffs behind. To be fair, we had to go halfway bustnow up the hill to watch, but worth the effort, as was bustnow the starting point tor play with others or stopped or seemed upset, as we walked within 10 feet of them and the sea, they both smiled, took his hard cock while rubbing gently rubbed her left breast. were a pair of figure 30, which is a beautiful brunette and seemed to work a little bit not, a complete package of 6, but not soft, even. ' me hot, too bad you can not stop and see, " said Julie. " You have to go to cool off, look at bustnow the tail, " Julie said I'm here if you are alone! I took my coach and I looked at my growing erection. I met a short, but deep gravel slopes to the sea shore and ran, boy, it was cold when the sun, but luckily it was 10 minutes and swim normally fast and soft. When I climbed the bustnow hill, always ask where my coach was gone, was all that I have seen a pair of legs in the air and tore up and down ? I asked where Julie was gone, but thought it looked a little never hurt anyone. A a few painful step reveals the man lying on girls feet in an " L" with his head between his legs, licking the head moves up and down the clitoris to your hands and fingers moisture sample me. see I saw in the entertainment and rose to the occasion, begging her wet pussy lips for more. straw I had to pack up and start again. Julie But where was it ? I could not see them, just behind my coaches on the pebbles of the couple. can was impossible to remove without shoes on these stones, I have tried to climb up the hill, but made more noise than you can imagine, I feel bad, the couple bustnow has to be my coach, just behind the girls I could not see the head, the other still limping. The truth is I've never been so close to another couple having sex before and it was all I could have hoped for, even now, my cock still hard. " Sorry," I said as I bustnow leaned over to my coach, where the bustnow hell was the other one? The girl lookedI smiled the man raised his head and looked at me, "he said, it would be difficult," "Sorry " I said, his voice rising. " She said we see is, all you have to do is shoot your coach on the shoulder, in the sea if you want to participate! Put your coaches and they were out of hiding " " are having a laugh, right? "I said. began licking again, began to fondle her breasts. I looked around, where the hell it was, this was for real? The girl patted her leg, I felt bustnow my cock again, I could not see anywhere Julie, she rubbed his leg and his nails dug into my leg went up and down on my fingers feet, I almost shot there. in general, when things seem too good to be true, I almost took the car, opened it, to put it in my feet and slid in " Sorry," she said. to smile Julie was behind a crack in the rock cliff bustnow and walked towards me. about 10 feet from me, I slipped from my coach and warmnched me into the sea over his shoulder. Smiling shouted. " Now you stand there and watch that shit was fun, Oh, <
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